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HINA DOOLS  Miyavi-Tachihina-

HINA DOOLS Miyavi-Tachihina-

SKU: hina-01

This is Miyavi, a glass HINA DOLL that is a representative series of Toshiya Suzuki.

It will be a classic style standing chick that uses gold leaf and silver leaf to express an elegant kimono in three dimensions.

Since it is an elegance and gorgeous, it has a strong presence and will shine outstandingly no matter where you decorate it.

In addition, a black stand, a gold folding screen, felt, and a special storage box are also included, so it is easy to decorate and store.

As a gift for the first festival of a girl, it will be a glass doll that many people will appreciate every year as a decoration for women to enjoy the four seasons of Japan for themselves.


  • ガラスサイズ 

    男雛 約w 130  d 70  h 160  (mm)、 女雛 約w 120 d 120 h 145 (mm)

    重さ 男雛 約900g、 女雛 約950g

    素材 ソフトガラス、金箔、銀箔


    黒台 w 260 d 190 h 20 (mm)

    金屏風 w 250 d 60 h 200 (mm) (飾った時の大きさ)




glass sculpture

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